Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed: Heat had More Players Opening Week Than any Other NFS Game This Generation

The latest game in the Need for Speed series broke a franchise record, with more people playing Need for Speed: Heat in its first week than any other Need for Speed game this generation. Ghost Games tweeted out a picture of the team, announcing the huge milestone for the series.

Perhaps most intriguing about this milestone is that Need for Speed: Heat had a very short marketing cycle. Although we knew about it for some time, it wasn’t officially revealed until August of 2019, just a few short months ahead of its early November release date. It did release to positive reviews, mirroring the commercial success being touted now. We don’t have specific sales numbers, but we’ll get a better sense of how it performed once November’s NPD results roll around in December.

Need For Speed: Heat takes players to Palm City, a fictionalized version of Miami, Florida. In it, you’re free to explore a huge open world by day or by night. You can take part in race events that reward you with money to purchase new cars with or upgrades with. At night, you can participate in illegal street races while the police try to take you down. And unlike many games in recent memory, Heat does not feature loot boxes, which EA has treated as a selling point.

Were you one of the players to contribute to high opening week numbers for Need for Speed: Heat?