Incoming World of Warships: Legends Update to Debut Cross-Play on Consoles

On November 25th, World of Warships: Legends will be down for a brief maintenance period on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Maintenance will begin at 1:00am CST and is expected to last until 5:00am CST. Once this period concludes, an update will go live that introduces cross-play as a new feature. Alongside cross-play, the roughly 2500MB update will also usher in Ranked Battles, a new and challenging game mode.

The cross-play feature for World of Warships: Legends will have its limits. For one, the cross-play function between consoles is only on track to work in matchmaking. Additionally, cross-network voice chat won’t be an option; neither will teaming up with friends on the opposite console. Regardless, this seems a solid step forward. Plus, according to a World of Warships Facebook post, these types of cross-play features “might be added at a later stage.”

World of Warships: Legends’ November 25th update will debut the first season of Ranked Battles. This new challenge is to allow players a chance at testing their talents versus those of other captains. For now, two seasons are planned, each of which will last two weeks. The first begins November 25th and ends on December 8th. A second season will go live on December 9th and come to a close on December 22nd. To take part in said battles, a player’s Account Level must at least be at least Level 9.

A free-to-play naval experience, World of Warships: Legends originally hit the PC back in 2015. It set sail for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, in spring.

[Source: World of Warships on Facebook]