Rumors Claim WB Will Unveil Next Batman Game During The Game Awards

Yes, yet another Batman game rumor has hit the web. This time, the claims suggest Warner Bros. plans to unleash official details next month during The Game Awards. Do not hold your breath, though. As always, this seems mere speculation that currently lacks any official corroboration from the publisher and developer.

The latest Batman rumor comes by way of YouTube commentator Slcmof. Apparently, he’s heard word from a source that alleges fans should expect an unveiling at next month’s awards ceremony. And, according to Slcmof, this source is “very reliable,” since they are the same person who shared leaked images of the Damian Wayne-starring Batman title, which is no longer in development.

Slcmof recently let loose these bits of information in the following Twitter post.

The YouTuber also claims the game in question is indeed the recently rumored Batman: Arkham Legacy. If the Legacy rumors prove true, fans should expect to adopt the role of multiple members of the Bat-family.

Warner Bros.’ potentially unveiling a new Batman adventure during The Game Awards would follow precedent. Remember, the first real look at Batman: Arkham City came courtesy of a cinematic trailer during Spike TV’s VGAs in December 2010. Might history repeat itself to some degree? Luckily, we will not have to wait long to find out for certain.

The Game Awards will go live next month on December 12th. There is even a way for fans to watch the imminent ceremony in select theaters.

[Source: SLCMOF on Twitter via]