11 Bit Studios Mystery Games

11 Bit Studios Publishing Two New Mystery Projects: Project Vitriol and Project Foxhole

11 Bit Studios has announced that it will be publishing two games by a pair of indie developers. The catch? Well, they haven’t actually announced what the games are. The best we have is a brief 15-second trailer that tells us the developers, the game’s project names, and some weird symbols mixed with creepy imagery. It may be the start of an ARG, but until we know more information it’s tough to say exactly what it is.

The first game is going under “Project Vitriol,” developed by Fool’s Theory, the developer behind top-down stealth game Seven: The Days Long Gone. The only description of the project is that it’s a “meaningful RPG,” something that is quite broad and could describe many games.

The other game has a working title of “Project Foxhole” and is being worked on by Moonlighter developer Digital Sun Games. Like with Project Vitriol, there’s almost no information on what this could be, other than the promise that it’s a new IP and not a sequel to Moonlighter, and that the developer is putting a lot of love and care into the game. Seeing how 11 Bit Studios published Moonlighter, it’s not much of a surprise they’re willing to work with them again.

Pawel Feldman, CEO of 11 Bit Studios, says that these two projects were handpicked by the publisher and will be unique gems:

We’re still an extremely picky publisher. We’re probably even pickier than we were before if you can believe it! Our job is to hand-pick true gems and put our best efforts in with the development teams to help make them shine. We believe in boosting unique projects and using all the marketing magic we have to see them succeed. Right now, we’ve got two projects we’re really proud to have under our wing.

11 Bit Studios promised that more information would be given on both projects in 2020 and that the two games would be the biggest games they’ve ever published. They also noted that they’ve invested over 1 million euros into each game, so they’re really looking to take them to the next level.