The EU Playstation Gear Store Has Shut Down With No Explanation or Signs of Returning

The PlayStation Gear Store has been shut down in Europe with no explanation as to why or any hints that it might be coming back at a later time. This online store was the official source of all products PlayStation, allowing fans to purchase wallets, shirts, hats, and other popular gaming merch. The North American version of the store is still up, but keep in mind, it does not ship to European countries. If you visit the EU version of the site, you’ll see a message that reads:

Thanks for visiting PlayStation Gear. We’re sorry to say that the site ( in Europe has now closed.

For queries regarding ongoing orders, don’t worry! You can still contact the PlayStation Gear Customer Service team here – who’ll be more than happy to help.

Thank you for shopping with PlayStation Gear EU.

Note that there is no mention of why it closed or if it will return. This news comes after a massive EU Black Friday sale, which featured discounts up to 60% off towards the end of 2019. Luckily, if you had orders that were in progress before the closure, you’ll still be able to get assistance with them if needed.

This is not the first time the PlayStation Gear Store has shut down. Back in 2018, it was quietly discontinued in all territories, transferring retail of all products to GameStop, but later returned with new merch and a new design, even in Europe. Before that, the UK Gear Store was temporarily shut down in 2016 due to a dispute with a third-party supplier but was revitalized in May 2017.

If you visit the US version of the Gear Store now, you’ll find lots of PlayStation merch spanning the most popular platform-exclusive titles like Bloodborne, The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted, God of War, and other favorites. The store is also celebrating the brand’s 25th anniversary, featuring numerous PlayStation-related products like socks, sweaters, and figurines. EU shoppers, however, will now have to find a different source for official PlayStation gear.

[Source: PlayStation Gear Store EU]