BioShock 2’s Creative Director Hopes the Next Entry Goes in a New Direction

Last month, 2K announced the development studio Cloud Chamber is hard at work on the next BioShock installment. Presently, nothing is known about the new game; this will likely remain the case for quite a while. As such, there exists no hint at where Cloud Chamber will take the series. Should fans anticipate another Rapture adventure, a return to Columbia, or something entirely new? One person in particular, BioShock 2’s Creative Director, hopes the studio will “cast off the chains of the past” and explore a fresh direction.

The sequel’s Creative Director, Jordan Thomas, recently participated in an article from TechRadar that revisits the groundbreaking franchise. However, what didn’t make the cut was Thomas’ thoughts on where publisher 2K should take the series next. Samuel Horti, who penned the TechRadar piece, shared Thomas’ comments in a brief Twitter post. They are as follows:

There may be a long wait ahead before 2K and Cloud Chamber finally unleash concrete details about the new BioShock. 2K’s announcement of the title noted that it will remain in production for “the next several years.” Therefore, it stands to reason that fans won’t set foot in another lighthouse for a long while.

[Source: Samuel Horti on Twitter via GamingBolt]