BioShock 4 Delayed Rumor

BioShock 4 Rumored to be Delayed After Cloud Chamber Loses 40 Staff

When Netflix announced a new movie adaptation of the BioShock franchise, 2K also chimed in that Cloud Chamber, the developer behind the upcoming BioShock game, was looking for more staff. There’s a reason for that according to the latest rumors. Apparently Cloud Chamber has lost as many as 40 staff members since the project started and this could potentially delay the new game to 2024.

When will BioShock 4 be released?

According to their latest financial results, Take-Two Interactive still expects BioShock 4 to be released before the end of 2024. Many people were expecting the game to be announced during the first quarter of this year, so before the end of March. It would then have been released this year too, but the rumors that have originated from renowned leaker Oops Leaks on Twitter (thanks ComicBook) suggest that date might have slipped.

Since the start of the game’s development, Cloud Chamber has apparently lost 40 members of staff, including those in lead roles. Some apparently resigned while others were “fired for various reasons”. Regardless, the new recruitment drive is part of a “slight restructuring”. The leaker also claimed 2K “is not satisfied with the project’s results and pace”. Despite both of these issues, he also emphasized the game is not in development hell. As usual, all of this should be treated as a rumor and taken with a hefty dose of salt seeing as neither Cloud Chamber, 2K, nor Take-Two Interactive have corroborated any of this information.

In other news, a HBO executive has confirmed their upcoming The Last of Us TV show won’t be aired until 2023. The show won’t hit screens in 2022 as filming is still ongoing on set in Canada. Elsewhere, one of the reasons given for Battlefield 2042’s lack of success was the surprise release of Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer modes, because this highlighted the game’s faults even more.