Report: The PlayStation 5 Logo Broke an Instagram Record for Games

Less than 48 hours after Sony’s PS5 logo reveal during CES 2020, and the unveiling remains an internet joke and meme, as Sony made a big presentation of revealing the virtually unchanged logo design. It is Sony that may get the last laugh, however. In that same span of time, it appears the logo’s image on Instagram has broken a record as far as video game-related posts are concerned. A report from Video Game Chronicle suggests the post on PlayStation’s official account is now the most liked game image on Instagram, courtesy of its five million likes.

The more than five million likes and nearly 140,000 comments eclipses that of other popular video game posts by a wide margin, according to Video Game Chronicle’s analysis. Fortnite’s April 2019 Instagram photo for the Fortnite X Avengers announcement now represents the platform’s second most popular game-related image at well over 2.6 million total likes. For comparison’s sake, EA’s FIFA account boasts 1.5 million likes on a FIFA 2020 picture from July 2019. Like PlayStation, both Fortnite and the EA FIFA Instagram accounts have more than 20 million followers.

With all of the above in mind, Sony’s seemingly odd choice of a PlayStation 5 logo unveiling at CES doesn’t seem so odd. In fact, such a decision is apparently working in the platform holder’s favor. Will this possible stroke of genius aid the company in the long run? It’s too early to give an honest guess at present. Regardless, news, rumors, and speculation about the brand’s next phase continues to spread far and wide. And potentially breaking a social media record is bound to have someone in Sony’s marketing department very pleased, especially since it appears as though there was little effort involved. After all, it’s simply a picture of the new familiar logo.

The PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves on an unspecified date during this year’s holiday season.

[Source: Video Game Chronicle]