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Rumor: PlayStation Allegedly Recovered Rights to the Sly Cooper TV Series

An animated Sly Cooper television series was announced in June 2017, with development being handled by Technicolor Animation Productions in conjunction with Sony Interactive Entertainment. A year later, PGS Entertainment was tapped to act as distributor. New details suggest PGS Entertainment is no longer involved. Allegedly, Sony recovered the rights to the Sly Cooper series, leading some to believe production will be managed in-house at PlayStation Productions. While that all sounds well and good, there exists no evidence to support such claims.

The Sly Cooper show update comes from a supposed Facebook exchange between a fan and an alleged representative from PGS Productions. That exchange features in a screenshot linked to the tweet below:

Twitter user Garen, who runs the platformer-focused YouTube channel VtnVivi, followed up with PGS Entertainment independently. He received a completely different response when reaching out via private message on Facebook. The reply indicates that either the original exchange was faked, or the distributor has multiple people running its Facebook account. Garen shared the following screenshot of his brief conversation with one representatives. (It is worth noting that Garen asked his followers to not spam PGS with questions):

sly cooper tv series

As you can see, the PGS Entertainment account’s response to Garen confirmed it does not publicly share development updates. So are fans getting hyped for nothing courtesy of the alleged original response? Seems so. Regardless, it appears the Sly Cooper TV series is unlikely to reach the small screen anytime soon, especially since the series no longer features on either the PGS or Technicolor websites.

[Source: VtnVivi on Twitter]