Battlefield V’s Next Chapter Continues to Flesh Out the Pacific Theater

The next chapter of Battlefield V content will begin to roll out soon with Chapter 6. The newest chapter, called Into the Jungle, will continue to focus on the Pacific Theater of World War II. The Pacific Theater was first added in the last chapter, War in the Pacific, which originally launched on October 31st, 2019. The biggest new addition is a new map called Solomon Islands. With thick vegetation and plenty of rivers and landmass, the goal of Solomon Islands is to be a close-quarters infantry map that provides opportunities for the defenders to hide and the attackers to use all of their equipment.

The other big additions to this update will be more weapons and gadgets for characters to use. The support class will get access to two new weapons: the Type 11 LMG to distribute a lot of bullets very quickly, and the Model 37 shotgun for when you just need something directly in front of you turned into a red mist. The assault class will get the chance to use the M2 Carbine as a new assault rifle, along with an M1A1 Bazooka for anti-vehicle purposes. Both classes will also get access to the Lunge Mine to expand your trap setting needs.

Into the Jungle will also add a trio of new playable elite characters, with the Americans getting one and the Japanese getting two. Americans get hotshot pilot Steve Fisher, who has a knuckle duster as his unique weapon. The Japanese will get access to Akira Sakamoto, an ace Zero pilot who uses a broken control stick to beat people with. You can purchase either character using the in-game store, but if you want to play as Japanese assault specialist Misaki Yamashiro then you’ll need to get to Chapter Rank 40 before this chapter ends to unlock her.

While there’s no exact date when Into the Jungle is set to start, DICE has said that update 6.0 will drop at “the start of February.” Until then, Wake Island and custom servers were the most recent addition and they’re still available to play.