Days Gone Update

Latest Days Gone Update is Over 30 GB, But it Drastically Reduces the Game’s Overall File Size

Are you running out of room on your PS4 hard drive? Downloading the latest enormous Days Gone update will help you save quite a bit of space. Days Gone update 1.61 manages to optimize the overall file size and reduce it by over 33%, which is a big change considering the application originally took up more than 60 GB of space.

That’s not all the update does, as it also makes a number of optimizations and improvements to overall stability. A few light fixes have been applied to various missions and small issues as well. No new content or features were added with update 1.61, but the general focus of the patch seems to be in generally polishing and optimizing the game client.

Prior to the latest update, Days Gone took up over 60 GB (mine was at 60.8 GB as of patch 1.30, which was admittedly a little bit dated). Update 1.61 is a hefty 30.763 GB download, but once you’ve got that installed, it brings the overall Days Gone file size down to a much more manageable 38.71 GB.

Days Gone Update 1.61 Patch Notes

General Fixes

  • The mission “Better to Light One Candle” bounty should able be obtained properly
  • General optimization towards certain missions
  • Scoring will properly apply when utilizing oxygen tanks in the “Reloaded” Challenge
  • The mission “The Anarchist Spy” will properly reset traps if you fail the mission
  • The mission “Out of Nowhere” helicopter’s light are been fixed
  • General optimization prior to playing before the game fully downloads
  • General improvements to optimization and stability

The developer also wanted to remind players that all DLC challenges that have been released are intended to be available indefinitely.

Update 1.61 is a follow-up to 1.60, the final “features patch” that Bend Studio released almost three months ago. That update added new features and content to Days Gone, including Death Stranding cosmetics, the ability to reset jobs on the map, and a few new accessibility options.

Days Gone was the only PlayStation-exclusive title to land in the top 10 PS Store downloads of 2019, beating out Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding and 2018’s God of War. While Bend studio has yet to announce a sequel, they’ve hinted at wanting to continue working with that world, and lead staff from Days Gone is already in the planning stages on the developer’s next game.

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