Modern Warfare Update Adds Deathmatch Domination and Shipment 24/7, Nerfs M4 and MP5

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has gotten a new update that addresses numerous issues and adds new game modes to keep things fresh. This new update comes after a sizable patch last week—one that added the new Crossbow weapon along with the Capture the Flag game mode. Though, the update caused a corrupt data error issue, prompting players to reset their stats to proceed, which has since been resolved. January 28th’s update also nerfs the MP5 and M4. Likewise, Shipment 24/7 has made its return, making it much easier to level up your weapons, along with the implementation of Deathmatch Domination.

Deathmatch Domination—as the name suggests—is a hybrid of the two modes, allowing you to gain points for racking up kills, as well as capturing objectives. This mode was previously in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Capture the Flag has also been added as a permanent game mode after its inclusion as part of last week’s update.

Two of the most-used weapons in the game—the MP5 submachine gun and the M4 assault rifle—have been nerfed. The MP5’s headshot multiplier has been reduced, making it slightly more difficult to get a kill when shooting in the head. Its 10mm ammo has also gotten a range reduction. As for the M4, it too has gotten a decrease in headshot damage.

Here are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest patch notes:

Playlist Update

  • Added Deathmatch Domination!
  • Added Gunfight Custom!
  • Shipment 24/7 is back! (Replaces Shoot the Ship)
  • Removed Winter Docks
  • Moved Capture the Flag into the Quick Play Filter


  • Weapons:
    • MP5: Reduced headshot multiplier, Small reduction to 10mm range
    • M4: Small damage decrease to reduce headshot effectiveness, Small range decrease
    • M13: Range increase, Small reduction to horizontal recoil, Small damage increase to boost headshot effectiveness
    • Crossbow: Players are able to shoot down an enemy Support Helo with only 3 Thermite Bolts. This has been adjusted; 5 to take down a VTOL and 6 to take down a Support Helo and Chopper Gunner
  • Fix for an exploit in Ground War via ATV
  • Fix for missing character model on the LA OpTic CDL skin
  • Shipment: Spawn tuning to reduce the frequency of instant deaths and spawn traps. Adjustments to spawn positions around the edge of the map for all modes. New spawn logic for Domination.
  • When using keyboard and mouse, a controller button prompt will appear to access the Social Menu while matchmaking. On PC with a PS4 controller, the button prompt will appear as an Xbox prompt. This has been fixed

As Season One wraps up in the next couple weeks, Infinity Ward is gearing up for Season Two, which does not have an official release date yet, but will likely begin soon after the conclusion of the first.

[Source: Infinity Ward]