Cyberpunk Physics Platformer Lazr in Development for Consoles and PC, Kickstarter Launched

Developer Garrick Campsey has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his Cyberpunk 2D platformer that features skill-based, physics-enhanced gameplay with a unique twist: its dynamic cloth simulations.

Billed as a Cyberpunk “clothformer,” Lazr will release for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita alongside other platforms should it manage to raise USD 10,000 in funding. The game will be published by Top Hat Studios – the publisher behind Thief’s Roulette.

Lazr is set in a dangerous futuristic metropolis called Alpha City One, where players take on the role of a “fusion-powered killer android.” Campsey’s work is inspired by Akira, Judge Dredd, Ghost in the Shell, and Blade Runner.

Features include:

  • Unique, one of a kind platforming physics – cloth, fire, and weather effects (like rain and snow)
  • Multiple city districts, each with their own set of levels (hundreds of levels to play)
  • Customize your hero – different shell modifications allow the player to tailor the hero’s abilities as they see fit – from fully auto laser fire, to more acrobatic shells.
  • Choices that deeply affect the protagonist’s journey and the city around them, with multiple endings
  • Highly polished and responsive input, timed levels designed for speed running
  • Vibrant neon retro pixel art + animations, combined with pre-rendered 3D, describe a futuristic dystopia where both AI and humans live in amid a dangerous balance
  • Vivid, futuristic soundtrack composed by ///Underwires (William Kingston Davies) and Garrick Campsey
  • English, French, Chinese, Japanese language selections available as default
  • Estimated 6-9 hours of gameplay

The Kickstarter campaign comes with a PC demo that offers up to an hour of gameplay so make sure to check it out.