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Respawn Did Consider Delaying Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, But Wanted to Get It ‘Out There’

Though widely celebrated among fans and critics alike, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launched with quite a few issues. Its release came riddled with technical problems, such as pop-in issues and framerate woes. Most certainly, Respawn’s first crack at Star Wars could’ve benefited from a delay for polish. Evidently, the team at Respawn agrees. Pushing Fallen Order out of its November 2019 release date had been considered. Respawn thought it best to stick to the date, however, to get “the game out there.”

Talking to USgamer, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella explained the studio’s commitment to Fallen Order’s November release. “Yeah, it was a conversation that we had and we decided that we wanted the game out there, we wanted to get it, you know, being out for the holiday. It’s a game that really fits that timeframe.”

The November date was especially appropriate due to the other Star Wars releases around that time. Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian began streaming just three days ahead of Fallen Order’s arrival on consoles and PC. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters a month later on December 20th. Fallen Order’s surge in sales on the UK charts days before The Rise of Skywalker’s release indicates it benefited from such timely availability.

Fallen Order’s Director, Stig Asmussen, also spoke on the team’s consideration of a delay.

I think we’re in a situation [where] we’re trying to build a game for several different systems and we wanted to hit a date, obviously. [W]e all look at it, and earnestly we feel like we could, if we had a little bit more time, it would’ve been better. But at the same time, we could play through it. It was good and we felt like fans were going to like it.

Clearly, Respawn’s faith in its project was warranted. On top of positive critical reception, Fallen Order is performing well commercially, surpassing EA’s expectations with more than eight million units sold.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: USgamer]