9 out of 10 Mass Effect Players Chose the Compassionate Paragon Route, Reveals Former Dev

Former Mass Effect developer John Ebenger has revealed that approximately 92 percent of players chose the Paragon (a.k.a. “good”) route as opposed to Renegade (a.k.a. “bad”) route.

What sparked the discussion was a tweet by user David Kinne, in which he noted that players like him enjoy having the option to be the bad guy in a video game but end up choosing to perform good deeds.

Former Telltale Games developer Matt Boland noted that he saw a similar pattern in the studio’s titles.

What followed the tweets was an interesting conversation between users about morality in video games. One user pointed readers to a study conducted by game critic and designer Amanda Lange in 2014, in which she found that very few people set out to play evil and most people try to make choices that they would in real life.

It’s an interesting study that you can find on Journal of Games Criticism’s website.

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