Modern Warfare Getting a Tank-less Ground War Mode, 3v3 Snipers, and New Map

As part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Season 2, more content is coming later this week to keep things fresh. Highlighting the update is a new tank-less version of Ground War, giving players the chance to play on large scale maps without tanks or APCs. Called Infantry Ground War, it’ll come with its own new playlist. This week we’ll also be getting a new 3 versus 3 snipers mode on the Rust map, perfect for those who want to test their quick-scoping skills. A new map, Bazaar, is headed to the game later this week as well, but there’s no exact timeframe on when all this content will drop. Activision and Infinity Ward have made a habit out of not announcing dates for new content too early following Modern Warfare’s launch.

Since its release in October 2019, Modern Warfare has received consistent updates with ever-changing playlists to make sure players keep coming back. There are modes for many different play styles, from small-scale maps like Shipment, NVG playlists for those who enjoy night versions of maps, and large-scale Ground War battles.

Updates have also brought numerous fixes, though there are still a number of persisting issues that need to be addressed. These include error messages when trying to change Clan Tags, inability to make green notifications go away within the Barracks menu, and lack of Killstreaks appearing in Realism modes.

The community has been eagerly awaiting the official reveal of the game’s battle royale mode, War Zone, which has been all but confirmed thanks to a series of leaks. This has stirred up issues with the game’s publisher Activision. The company is now in search of the person responsible for the leaks and looking to take legal action against them. Rumors state that War Zone will be a free standalone mode that is expected to launch sometime in March, though it has not been officially confirmed by Activision or Infinity Ward.

For the time being, you can enjoy Infantry Ground War, small-scale battles in 3v3 Snipers, and the Bazaar map when they all launch later this week.

[Source: Infinity Ward]