Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris season of the worthy

Trials of Osiris is Returning to Destiny 2 in March, Bringing Back the Series’ Classic Sweaty PVP Competition

One of the most beloved game modes from Destiny 1 is returning in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris brings back the classic sweaty 3v3 PVP competition that players have been craving, a weekly activity that became a pillar of the first game. Trials of Osiris will kick off on March 13, the first Friday after Destiny 2 Season 10 goes live on March 10. It will feature Saint-14 as the announcer after players rescued him from a demise in the corridors of time.

The return of Trials was built by the players as part of the Empyrean Foundation community event, a massive effort that saw the community pouring resources into “rebuilding” the Lighthouse. In Destiny 1, the Lighthouse was a special place that only players who played a flawless Trials card (won nine matches in a row without a loss) could visit. There, pinnacle rewards awaited the elite. Players reached the final goal of the Empyrean Foundation last night and Bungie promptly released a short video about the return of Trials of Osiris.

Along with the reveal of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris came confirmation of Season 10’s name: Season of the Worthy. The image below was offered by Game Director Luke Smith as a tease for what’s to come when Season of the Worthy launches on March 10. Presumably, it will include more than just the return of the series’ pinnacle PVP activity, continuing to push forward the evolving narrative that was introduced in September of last year. Additional details are expected to be shared in the coming days ahead of its release.

Destiny 2 trials of Osiris season of the worthy

Destiny 2 launched with a revamped Trials called Trials of the Nine. It drastically changed the aesthetic themes of the competition, casting aside the ancient golden Egyptian iconography for a flat modernist blue and white look. The competition itself changed too (alongside Destiny 2’s numerous changes to PVP overall), and it was eventually put on a hiatus near the end of its first year so that Bungie could rework it. After a year and a half away, Trials is returning as the classic Trials of Osiris from Destiny 1.

Trials will once again be a weekend event, though it’s currently unknown if it will go away on Monday like classic Trials or extend to Tuesday like Trials of the Nine. Bungie is bringing back the classic armor from the original game (with a new bit of flair for those who can manage to go Flawless), as well as remastering three original Destiny Crucible maps: Anomaly, Cauldron, and Exodus Blue. Trials weapons are coming back too if hints in the above video are any indication.

It will utilize a mixture of connection and card-based matchmaking, meaning you’ll be optimized for low latency with your opponents and you’ll face people at a similar place on their Trials cards. For example, someone at eight wins is unlikely to face someone just playing their card’s first match. This should ensure that matches get increasingly difficult as you approach the end of the card.

Like classic Trials, Power level is enabled, however, this has raised some concern among the community. Destiny 2’s infinite artifact leveling is rather different from the strictly gear-based leveling of Destiny 1, which raises some questions about the fairness of level advantages for those who can simply play the game more.

With just under two weeks to go until Season of the Worthy launches, Bungie is gearing up to answer a lot of those questions, reveal more about the season overall, and give us more information about how Trials of Osiris will play into players’ weekly plans.