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Relicta Will Explore Physics-Based Puzzle Mechanics on the Moon This Year

A first-person adventure, Relicta will see players explore physics-based puzzle mechanics on the moon sometime this year. Developer Mighty Polygon and publisher Ravenscourt Games (KONA) plan to release the title on PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, Stadia, and Xbox One platforms.

See exactly how Relicta’s first-person, physics-based puzzle mechanics work in the following announcement trailer:

Mighty Polygon’s Relicta centers on a 22nd-century physicist who has been stranded on a derelict moon base known as Chandra Base. The puzzles themselves will require players to creatively make use of magnetism and gravity. These skills will especially prove integral to unlocking the myriad secrets scattered about the Chandra Base. Magnetism and gravity also seem as though they’ll be essential to the physicist’s survival, considering the challenges involved in navigating the moon’s terraformed craters.

Amid the puzzle-solving and exploring, the physicist has one primary goal in mind–keeping her daughter alive. Though overarching plot details are presently scarce, the few bits of information that have emerged suggest political intrigue abounds, much of which apparently concerns space-centric issues.

Whatever transpires during Relicta, players will be able to choose how much time they devote to uncovering the truth. Rushing ahead may secure a quicker path to safety. However, exploring, gathering clues, and uncovering more of the game world’s politics could very well save the life of the physicist’s daughter. That same attention to detail may also forever alter humanity’s fate. Either way, the consequences that follow are bound to unfold due to the physicist’s mysterious research.

[Source: Ravenscourt Games via Gematsu]