Surprise! Nowhere is Safe in Resident Evil 3, Nemesis Will Break into Safe Rooms (Update: Not All of Them)

Update: After today’s bout of articles saying that nowhere is safe from Nemesis, Capcom clarified that there will actually be room to breathe in actually “safe” designated safe rooms.

Not all save points/typewriters are in safe rooms, which is where the confusion came from. The original report had Nemesis busting into an area with a typewriter, which the writer mistook for a designated safe room. This apparently was not the case. “The clue’s in the music, as is traditional in the Resi franchise – and not all save points are in safe rooms,” GamesRadar wrote.

Original: Everyone who’s played any Resident Evil game has taken refuge in the safe rooms to escape the horrors of the Spencer mansion, R.C.P.D., Raccoon City, or other terrifying iconic areas. One thing all the games have in common is a place to take a breath while you manage your items, heal, and figure out what to do next. But in the upcoming Resident Evil 3, all of that will go out the window because Nemesis will be able to break into safe rooms, unlike any other creature in the history of the franchise. Can we even call them safe rooms anymore?

This comes by way of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), as relayed through Reddit and Twitter user Nibel. The Reddit thread has since been removed by moderators, but you can still get the gist of the new details below:

As described by OXM, you can enter a safe room only to have Nemesis barge in shortly thereafter. While it’s still unclear how this mechanic will work, if there will be anything you can do to prevent Nemesis from getting to the safe room, or if other creatures can enter as well, the sheer idea of being rushed while managing your items is horrifying, to say the least.

Other notable details include the ability to fast travel throughout Raccoon City. This indicates you’ll have a moderately large space to explore—large enough to warrant a fast travel system. Resident Evil 3 seems like it will complement its predecessor Resident Evil 2 nicely, with an emphasis on exploring much more open areas, as opposed to smaller confined sections.

You won’t have to wait too much longer for some Resident Evil 3 goodness since a free demo will be releasing sometime in the near future. The full game is set to release on April 4, 2020 for PS4. Don’t forget to preorder from Amazon to play it on day one.

[Source: RedditOXM via Twitter]

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