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Team17 Plans to Bring Worms Back Sometime in 2020

Worms as a franchise has been stagnant for the last few years. Fans of the series will be pleased to learn that said stagnation will soon cease, however. Developer Team17 plans to bring the classic franchise back sometime this year. Specifics are scarce for the time being, including which platforms the new Worms will launch on. But Team17 is at least offering a brief look at what’s to come in a teaser trailer.

Team17 shared the teaser in the following post on its official Twitter account:

The original Worms, which hit stores shelves in 1995, counts among Team17’s earliest successes. In fact, the turn-based artillery title is credited as having saved Team17 in many respects. It first launched on the Amiga personal computer. Ports were eventually produced for the PlayStation 1, SNES, and other platforms of the day. Following Worms‘ mid-90s release, more than a dozen subsequent entries for the series would land in stores. Evidently, after years out of the spotlight, it’s time for Worms to return.

Such a comeback raises myriad questions, chiefly because of the announcement post itself. Apparently, fans should look forward to playing “Worms like you’ve never played before.” Is this a hint that its classic 2D artillery mechanics are undergoing change? We’ll have to wait and see.

Since the days of Worms‘ success, Team17 has continuously expanded its brand. The company in recent years is most notably well known for publishing hit indie projects, such as the Overcooked series and last year’s Blasphemous.

[Source: Team17 on Twitter]