Beautifully Constructed The Art of Ghost of Tsushima Book Launching This Year

Sucker Punch and Dark Horse are teaming up to chronicle the creative process behind Ghost of Tsushima. As such, an art book, The Art of Ghost of Tsushima, will release later in the year. Currently, neither company has specified a date, though an Amazon listing suggests the book’s launch will fall on Tuesday, June 30th.

The Art of Ghost of Tsushima is 208-page tome, bearing a $49.99 price tag. Similar to other product’s of its kind, the art book chronicles the title’s creation. Within its pages are character illustrations, landscapes, and “diagrams of Samurai sword-fighting techniques.” An inside look at storyboards from Ghost of Tsushima’s cinematic moments also features within the work.

Even the book’s elegant cover design, inspired by “traditional Japanese aesthetics,” demands attention. Get a close look at it in the post below, courtesy of Sucker Punch’s Twitter account:

Sucker Punch unveiled Ghost of Tsushima’s long-awaited release date last week, alongside a brand-new story trailer. Moreover, the exciting news saw the company announce three different special editions. A Digital Deluxe Edition for $69.99 counts as one such version, packing in several digital extras, including a mini digital art book. The Special Edition costs the same, featuring much of the digital edition’s content, as well as a gorgeous steelbook case. Finally, the Collector’s Edition will run fans $169.99. It comes with the other editions’ digital and physical items, in addition to a replica of Jin’s mask, a cloth map, and physical mini art book.

Ghost of Tsushima hits store shelves this summer for the PlayStation 4 on June 26th.

[Source: Sucker Punch on Twitter, Dark Horse]

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