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Production on The Witcher Season 2 Shuts Down Over Coronavirus Concerns

Over the weekend, a report surfaced suggesting that production on The Witcher’s sophomore effort would continue, despite coronavirus concerns. However, Season 2’s cast and crew have reportedly received emails informing them of the production’s halt. For now, filming will be shut down for at least the next two weeks. This period could last longer, of course, depending on which course the coronavirus pandemic takes in the weeks ahead.

Redanian Intelligence reported the news, noting that production on The Witcher’s second season was originally on track to end sometime this August. How this sudden halt on filming will affect the show’s overall production schedule presently remains to be seen.

Filming for Season 2 began a few weeks ago in the UK, with a whole host of new actors joining the cast. Most notably, Kim Bodnia of Killing Eve fame recently joined the series. Bodnia plays Vesemir, a beloved older Witcher who also serves as Geralt of Rivia’s mentor and father figure.

Seven other actors were also brought on board the series late last month. Young Wallender’s Yasen Atour assumes the role of the Witcher Coën. Peaky Blinders alum Paul Bullion and Fast and Furious 9’s Thue Ersted Rasmussen portray the Witchers known as Lambert and Eskel, respectively. Agnes Bjorn plays Vareena, while former Game of Thrones cast member Kristofer Hivju adopts the role of Nivellen. Both of these characters feature in The Last Wish’s “A Grain of Truth” short story. Mecia Simson’s Francesca serves as The Witcher’s seventh newest addition.

The Witcher’s first season is currently available to stream on Netflix. Its second run should arrive on in 2021. An animated film, The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf, is also in the works, set to center on Vesemir’s origins. At the time of writing, it, too, lacks a firm launch date.

[Source: Redanian Intelligence]