sega 60th anniversary

Sega 60th Anniversary Website Goes Live, Alongside Segata Sanshiro-Related Tease for March 25h

June 3, 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of Sega, which was established in 1960. To celebrate the coming occasion, the company launched a special website. The anniversary website is minimal for now, simply welcoming visitors with a “Hello!! Sega fans” message. A brief note in Japanese also appears on the page. DualShockers translated it as follows, “Hey! If you reached this page it means you love Sega right!? Please wait for the site to open soon.” In addition to hints at an anniversary celebration of some sort, Sega is teasing the return of Segata Sanshiro, the famed Sega and Sega Saturn mascot from the late 90s played by Kamen Rider’s Hiroshi Fujioka.

In a Sega Twitter post, the company shared photos of a QR code and judo uniform. The QR code links to yet another website,, featuring a single webpage. On said webpage is a man adorned with a judo uniform, bearing the resemblance of Segata Sanshiro. According to Gematsu, the page reads, “Sega 60th Anniversary Ambassador, Emergence on 3/25.” Moreover, the website features a countdown, which presently informs that there are “five days until emergence.”

DualShockers further notes that Sega typically hosts an anniversary event, Sega Fes, at the end of each March. Last year, for instance, Sega Fes was held on March 30th and March 31st in Tokyo. Sega has yet to reveal details about the event, despite this month quickly coming to an end. Clearly, given the host of changes that have followed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, such a special gathering is unlikely to take place anytime soon.

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