The PS5’s DualSense Controller Triggers are Already Making People Angry

The first 24 hours of any major gaming announcement always comes along with the hottest of takes (and memes. So many memes). Usually, those knee-jerk reactions on a thing the general public has yet to even see in-person are purely subjective and best taken with a grain of salt. However, one Reddit user’s qualms with the newly announced PS5 DualSense controller and its familiar-looking triggers brings up a valid point about the controller’s design and giving people some DualShock 4 flashbacks.

In a Reddit post that exploded in popularity–it reached the front page of /all with over 3,400 comments–highlights a familiar and obvious design flaw with the new DualSense controller, announced yesterday with almost no warning. The triggers of the DualSense are positioned in such a way that any kind of force or jostling will cause them to activate. If you’re wondering why this is a problem then just think back to any time you’ve ever watched a video or played music through the PlayStation 4 and what happens when you fail to place the DualShock 4 controller down with the gentleness of Vegeta trying to crack an egg and failing.

That’s right: The triggers… well, trigger, which causes whatever you’re watching to skip or fast-forward. The DS4’s triggers are especially bad about this thanks to how they sit on the controller and prop up the back of the device, meaning it’s pretty easy to accidentally press them in enough to cause some mischief. The comments in the Reddit thread are rife with people sharing their mutual anguish over this happening, with some Redditers mentioning that they thought about buying the PS4’s proprietary remote control simply to avoid this.

And now the DualSense appears to have the exact same issue, though there is hope. A little known trick has come out that many users–this reporter included–didn’t know existed. By holding down the home button on the PS4 controller you can disable the controller activators, meaning you can put your DualShock down however you like. No word yet on if the DualSense will also have this feature but it seems like a sure thing.

Crisis averted? Maybe. Until we know for sure let’s just all go back to worry about the important things, like whether or not the DualSense has a headphone jack.