PlayStation Opens $10 Million Fund to Help Indie Developers Impacted by COVID-19

As part of its new Play At Home initiative, PlayStation has opened a $10 million fund to assist indie developers who have found financial troubles due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Currently, there aren’t any details on how the fund will assist studios and how independent developers can apply. More details will be given at a later date.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan said:

Independent developers are vital to the heart and soul of the gaming community and we understand the hardships and financial struggles that many smaller gaming studios are facing.

This is just one part of the Play At Home initiative, aimed at helping keep independent studios in business. The other half is giving away Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for free. It’s about keeping people inside to prevent the spread of coronavirus by providing players with free entertainment. Journey, in particular, is an interesting choice given the very unique online interactions and social dynamics that are inherent to the experience.

These aren’t the first moves Sony has made in regards to COVID-19 relief, previously opening a $100 million relief fund earlier this month. That fund specifically goes to support the frontline medical aid workers and provide direct relief where it is needed in fighting the ongoing pandemic, where this new fund is aimed at helping independent developers who have been economically and financially impacted.

Sony is just one company in the gaming industry doing its part to assist in efforts to fight the spread of the virus, keep people at home, and provide support where it is needed. A number of other publishers and developers have also joined in the cause that is impacting people around the world.


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