Official PlayStation Magazine Says Details from Ghost of Tsushima Cover Story are Inaccurate

Ghost of Tsushima details from Official PlayStation Magazine’s May 2020 issue made the rounds earlier this week. Chief among the news roll out were bits of information concerning the game’s supposed lack of a waypoint system. Protagonist Jin’s evolving relationship with secondary characters was of great interest, too. However, the magazine has since clarified that some details from its cover story are inaccurate. Unfortunately, OPM has yet to share the specifics of said inaccuracies, so it’s unknown exactly what was reported incorrectly.

The magazine’s official UK Twitter account shared the following post yesterday evening.

A subsequent tweet noted that the two feature stories were written without the involvement of Sucker Punch and Sony Interactive Entertainment. As of writing, neither Sucker Punch nor Sony have addressed the matter involving OPM.

Ghost of Tsushima’s alleged lack of a waypoint system drew the most contention amongst gamers online. While it would likely do wonders to create a sense of immersion, many lamented such a decision’s inconvenience and lack of accessibility. A fully open world without a waypoint would especially inconvenience those with disabilities. With this in mind, hopes are high that waypoints will be made optional if Sucker Punch does indeed do away with a traditional navigation system.

Ghost of Tsushima is slated to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 this summer on June 26th. Given the coronavirus-related delays of The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR, many are wondering if Sucker Punch’s forthcoming adventure will receive a similar push. Both titles were scheduled to launch roughly one month ahead of Ghost of Tsushima after all.

[Source: OPM UK on Twitter]