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The Website for PS4 Exclusive WiLD Appears to Have Been Recently Updated With Concept Art

Michel Ancel’s PlayStation 4 exclusive WiLD is a bit of a mystery. Announced at gamescom 2014, little is known about the title and just as people start to forget about its existence, something crops up. This time, it’s a bunch of concept art that seems to have been recently uploaded to Wild Sheep Studio’s website, as spotted by Reddit user SchultzBear. However, it’s unclear if these are new or older, never-before-seen images.

If you want to see the images without text, check out the imgur album below:

WiLD New Artwork

WiLD is set in a lush, expansive world where you will learn and adapt to the ever changing world around you, whilst uncovering the secrets of the land,” reads an official description. “As you would expect from mother nature, the world will continually change through different time of day, weather and seasonal changes.”

The last development in the world of WiLD came in form of a Sony Interactive Entertainment trademark that was filed in March 2019 with The World Intellectual Property Organization. Ancel has remained mum about the game despite promising “strong updates during the coming year” back in 2017. In between these two events, the only development we saw was Wild Sheep Studio announcing job vacancies, which many assumed were to ramp up WiLD‘s development.

Ancel was once active on Instagram but hasn’t posted anything since July 2018, when he visited Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games.

Whether WiLD will see the light of day (perhaps, on the PS5) or go the way of Rockstar’s Agent is anybody’s guess.

[Source: Reddit]