Maid of Sker Brings Its Macabre Survival Horror to Consoles and PC in June

Wales Interactive, the Welsh studio behind Don’t Knock Twice, announced Maid of Sker right before Halloween in 2018. Originally meant to launch in 2019, the first-person survival horror title now has a 2020 release date attached. And it’s bringing the scares to consoles and PC sometime soon. Maid of Sker hits the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One on an unspecified date this June.

The developer released a new trailer to accompany the release date news. It’s aptly titled “Welsh Lullaby” after the famous hymn that pervades the video. Get a closer look at the horror on display in Maid of Sker with the trailer below:

Maid of Sker takes place in 1898 at the “notoriously macabre Hotel Sker.” Wales Interactive set out to create an adventure entrenched in Welsh folklore. Most notably, the studio’s key inspiration is derived from the folk tale surrounding Elisabeth Williams. This particular bit of lore centers on a woman whose father locked her in a room to “die of heartbreak” during the 19th century.

At the core of Maid of Sker, then, rests a story of a family empire, one fueled by a “supernatural mystery that suffocates the grounds of the hotel.” Singer Tia Kalmaru lent her talents to Maid of Sker, further imbuing it with a chilling air by recreating Welsh hymns that align with Wales Interactive’s vision. These reimagined Welsh hymns include: “Calon Lan” (A Pure Heart), “Suo Gan” (Welsh Lullaby), and “Ar Hyd Y Nos” (All Through the Night).

There are myriad in ways in which a player’s venture through the Hotel Sker can end. It will all depend upon how players utilize “no-weapon survival” tactics, time management, and the ability to maintain silence. Interestingly, Maid of Sker’s AI system is based on 3D sound. Such a detail, as well as the British horror, Gothic, and psychological influences, make it seem as though Wales Interactive’s forthcoming project will offer quite the unique experience.

[Source: Wales Interactive via Gematsu]