New Battlefield Game Confirmed for 2021 By DICE, EA

EA and DICE keep turning out news about their multiplayer shooter franchises, as a statement given to games outlet IGN says that the developer is already at work on a new Battlefield game planned for release in 2021. This follows a community update post sent out by DICE Creative Director Dennis Brännvall discussing the end of content updates for Star Wars Battlefront II. It appears DICE is looking towards the future given that today’s final content update for Battlefront II is the 25th and last, as well as the announcement from last week that Battlefield V’s final update will come in summer.

The statement made by DICE and EA to IGN opened by saying “The team at DICE is working on the standalone Battlefield V update releasing this summer, and continuing their work on delivering Community Games. While the studio’s vision for Star Wars Battlefront II is now complete with this week’s The Battle on Scarif Update, the servers, in-game challenges, recurring events, and game support will continue as the game lives on with players and the community. We’re looking forward to hearing players’ stories for both games, for years to come.” The statement ended with information on the future of Battlefield, saying, “Longer term, the studio is focused on the future of Battlefield that we’ll be bringing to players in 2021.”

The initial word was that a new Battlefield game shouldn’t be expected until 2022, as DICE underwent a managerial change back in January. But things change and the state of the world is somewhat different than even three months ago, so perhaps DICE and EA are looking future-forward a bit faster than initially expected.

The Star Wars Battlefront II content update Battle on Scarif is out today and the final DLC pack for Battlefield V is expected sometime this coming summer.

[Source: IGN]