Sony CFO Says PS5 Marketing Strategy Can’t Be Properly Judged Until After Launch

During a presentation following Sony’s release of its Fiscal Year 2019/2020 financial results, the company held a Q&A session. One question in particular revolved around the marketing strategy for PlayStation 5, thus far. Specifically, the question centered on the thought that PS5’s marketing is “falling behind” that of Xbox Series X. According to Sony Corp. CFO Hiroki Totoki, the company is doing its best.

Bloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki relayed word of the Q&A session in the following Tweet:

A report from Bloomberg last month claimed that Sony’s PS5 marketing plans have taken a hit due to coronavirus. Apparently, Sony intended to host a reveal event; of course, such plans were derailed. With that in mind, it does seem the corporation is doing the best it can on this front.

As of writing, there exists no official word on when the PS5 promotion strategy will pick up steam. However, VentureBeat writer Jeff Grubb recently alleged that an event is on the cards for June 4th. During a podcast appearance, Jason Schreier noted something similar. According to him, a full PS5 unveiling is tentatively on schedule for sometime in early to mid June. Coronavirus could hinder these supposed plans, though.

In its aforementioned presentation, Sony reiterated that PlayStation 5 remains on track for a holiday 2020 launch. Similarly, first-party and partner studios have seen no major issues with regards to software development either.

[Source: Takashi Mochizuki on Twitter]