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Watch PlayStation’s The Last of Us Part II State of Play Right Here

Reports of a PS5 event finally solidifying next week are surfacing, but Sony has one more major event to clear before it can start talking next-gen. Today’s State of Play is entirely focused on The Last of Us Part II, including an extended gameplay segment; eight minutes of all-new footage. This is the second time Sony has done a State of Play centered around a single game, the first being last week’s Ghost of Tsushima stream. Sony is clearly giving the final two major PS4 exclusives a big push before turning its attention to what’s coming in just five months or so.

You can catch PlayStation’s The Last of Us Part II State of Play below starting at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET. It will run for about 20 minutes and won’t feature any other games or any PS5 news at all. This broadcast is strictly for Naughty Dog to showcase more gameplay and story for the upcoming highly-anticipated sequel.

Be warned that the YouTube and Twitch chats for The Last of Us Part II State of Play broadcast could be filled with spoilers after the massive leak that left trolls spoiling the game for eager fans. To remain spoiler-free, simply watch in the embedded player below without clicking through to YouTube.

Naughty Dog has taken other measures to prevent the spread of spoilers, including locking down its tweets so that nobody can reply to them using Twitter’s new feature. We’ve also been mitigating spoilers by closing comments on The Last of Us Part II-related articles.

Some outlets are already getting their hands on The Last of Us Part II review copies, with the review embargo lifting on June 12th at 12:01 am PT. That’s a full week before the game releases for consumers on June 19.

If you’ve managed to avoid spoilers thus far, make sure to preorder The Last of Us Part II in order to play through it as soon as possible. Even if you did get spoiled, Troy Baker and Neil Druckmann have both said the full experience may still not be quite what you expect.