Ghost of Tsushima’s Deep Dive is Already the Most Watched State of Play

Last week’s State of Play drew in quite the massive audience. The most recent stream centered around gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima in its entirety, and it seems fans could not have been more thrilled to tune in. As of writing, the State of Play video in question has amassed well over 1.5 million views on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel.

See the Ghost of Tsushima-centric State of Play video down below:

Push Square spotted the milestone, noting that the only other State of Play to even come close is the broadcast from September 2019. Most notably, this particular stream featured a then new The Last of Us Part II trailer, as well as details about the sequel’s original early 2020 release date.

Ghost of Tsushima’s drawing this much attention isn’t too much of a surprise. Before last week’s State of Play, Sucker Punch and Sony hadn’t shown much of the title in well over a year. Of course, this also served as Ghost of Tsushima’s first real deep dive. 18 minutes of gameplay were on display, including combat, stealth, and exploration. Plus, the stream offered a first look at the Photo Mode, Samurai Cinema mode, and customization options. It was destined to make a splash.

It’s hard not to wonder how Sony may try to top this for the next State of Play. With PlayStation 5 around the corner, surely it will receive a dedicated broadcast of its own sometime this year. If it does, such a stream may very well give the Ghost of Tsushima deep dive a run for its money.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima launches this summer on July 17th for the PlayStation 4.

[Source via Push Square]