The May PS Blog Players’ Choice Winner is a Walking Dead VR Game You Might Have Missed

May was a busy month, what with pandemics and protests and murder hornets all around. You’d be forgiven if you missed a new game or eight. I know I have, including the interesting looking–and pretty good according to our reviewThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for PSVR. Yes, PSVR (a port of a previously PC VR exclusive game). And if the voting public is to be believed then the masses also think that Saints & Sinner is pretty good, as the May PS Blog Players Choice winner for the month is this very same Walking Dead VR game. Yup, out of every game that came out in May, a PSVR title was the reader’s choice favorite. See what you miss when you’re focused on your own existential dread?

may ps blog players choice walking dead vr

Announced in a PS Blog post earlier today, the newly released first-person shooter virtual reality game won out over fierce competition from Maneater and Minecraft Dungeons. Content Communications Manager for Sony Interactive Entertainment Jason Massongill said “Congrats to Skydance, whose virtual reality adventure set in the Walking Dead universe shambled to the top of the Players’ Choice poll for May. Open world shark sim Maneater swam into the runner-up spot, and Minecraft Dungeons rounded out the top three.”

Now, it’s entirely possible that a different post-apocalyptic game featuring a somber and sad setting would have been the players’ choice of May had original release schedules not been affected by *waves hands around in every direction*. Regardless, you get what you got, and hopefully, this diverts some eyes back over to the PSVR, an oft-forgotten piece of hardware that is shaping up to have some strong months ahead, especially as we get closer to the release of Iron Man VR.

The Walking Dead: Sinners & Saints is available now for PlayStation VR, as well as for all Steam-compatible VR devices.