Star Wars: Squadrons Brings Back Starfighter Dogfighting This Fall, Also Playable in VR

Step into the cockpit of an X-wing, TIE fighter, and a variety of other Rebel/New Republic and Empire starfighters when Star Wars: Squadrons releases on October 2, 2020. The latest Star Wars game comes from EA Motive and Lucastfilm, focusing entirely on scrappy first-person starfighter dogfighting. It’s main focus will be the 5v5 multiplayer, pitting two squadrons against one another in a variety of settings, however it will also have “fleet battles” and a single-player campaign, featuring an all-new story set just after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Star Wars: Squadrons is also playable entirely in VR for your preferred platform, so PS4 players can don the PSVR headset and get behind the controls of their favorite Star Wars ships.

Star Wars: Squadrons seems to be a little bit more than just 5v5 deathmatch, however. EA says that players can “plan skirmishes with their squadron in the briefing room” before facing the enemy at various locales across the galaxy. Fleet Battles have the added goal of taking down the opponent’s flagship, whereas Dogfights are simply 5v5 skirmishes to rack up the biggest kill count.

Both cosmetic and gameplay customization options and upgrades can be earned purely through gameplay. EA is sure to heavily emphasize this point, not wanting a repeat of the loot box debacle that occurred before Star Wars: Battlefront II had even launched. The performance of your starfighter can be changed with earned weapons, hulls, engines and shields. Cosmetically, your cockpit, ship exterior, and the appearance of your pilot can all be adjusted.

The single-player campaign focuses on alternating views of two customizable pilots: one New Republic and one Empire. EA Motive promises a “diverse cast of original characters” as well as a few cameos of known favorites from the Star Wars universe.

Launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and VR platforms, Star Wars: Squadrons will feature full cross-play across every platform, not just via matchmaking, but the ability to squad up with your friends too. There’s no word yet on next-gen versions of the game, but Sony reportedly now requires all PS4 games to also work on the PS5, so at the very least, Star Wars: Squadrons should be forward compatible once the PlayStation 5 releases this holiday.

Star Wars: Squadrons launches October 2, 2020 for $39.99. Get a first look at the gameplay at EA Live on June 18 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET.