Report: Starting in Mid-July, New PS4 Titles Must be Forward Compatible for PS5

The forward-compatible wheels are reportedly in motion to ensure many a PlayStation 4 game works on PlayStation 5. Apparently, Sony has uploaded documentation that says all new PS4 titles must also run on PS5 starting on July 13th. As such, every title the company receives for certification from that date onward must work across two generations of PlayStation hardware.

According to Eurogamer, this revelation comes from “developer documentation” that’s shared on “PlayStation’s internal Partner website.” Eurogamer claims to have seen this documentation, which features a note asking developers whether their title has been checked for PS5 compatibility. Developers should expect to receive details directly from Sony about how to test their project’s compatibility with the next-gen hardware. Apparently, this particular checkbox was first introduced in late April of this year, upon Sony’s release of a new software developer kit for the PlayStation 4.

Eurogamer notes that another piece of documentation explains what exactly “compatibility” entails. The console manufacturer will only find a game compatible with PS5 if its “submission code runs without issues on Sony’s next-gen machine.” In addition, a forward compatible title on the next-gen platform must include every feature that comes with its PS4 counterpart.

As far as post-launch patches and other updates are concerned, it seems similar rules are to apply. Games submitted for certification prior to July 13th won’t require PS5 compatibility for patches and remasters. However, such an effort will reportedly be “strongly recommended.” On the other hand, Sony requires games submitted after the date in question to maintain PS5 compatibility, even for patches and remasters.

All of this is in reference to games submitted, not those that are released. Thus, since Ghost of Tsushima is slated to launch on July 17th, it will not need to be forward compatible. Given its status as a first-party title, though, the forthcoming Sucker Punch adventure is bound to make its way to PS5. In fact, Eurogamer reports having heard word that such a launch is in the works.

[Source: Eurogamer]