Resident Evil Village Will Reportedly Be the Longest Game Made in RE Engine

The recent Resident Evil entries aren’t particularly long games by any means. On average, players can finish Resident Evil 7 in about nine to eleven hours, for example. But Capcom reportedly has a bit of a longer campaign in development for Resident Evil Village. In fact, an insider claims the new title will count as the longest game Capcom’s made in RE Engine yet.

In a Twitter post, noted Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem explained that RE Village won’t take too many hours to complete. However, Dusk Golem alleges the campaign could run upwards of two to three hours longer than RE7. This, of course, depends on playstyle and other variables. Yet, the insider seems confident in saying the upcoming installment is RE Engine’s most robust project in terms of length.

Check out the tweet in question below:

In another Twitter response, Dusk Golem claims Capcom aims to release RE Village in Q2 of 2021, somewhere between April and June. As of now, the publisher itself has only confirmed a 2021 release window.

Capcom announced the new entry last month during Sony’s PS5 reveal event. As previous rumors suggested, RE7’s Ethan is returning as the lead protagonist. Fan-favorite Chris Redfield is making a comeback, as well. Plus, werewolves are indeed involved in some capacity.

[Source: Dusk Golem on Twitter]