PUBG Crosses 70 Million Units Sold Worldwide; Season 8 Brings Back Sanhok Map

Since its release several years ago, PUBG has been nothing if not unbelievably successful. Throughout 2017, for instance, it reigned supreme on Steam, even beating out the likes of Dota 2 in terms of concurrent players. And still, the battle royale manages to reach new heights. According to the latest count, a new milestone has PUBG sitting at an astronomical 70 million copies sold worldwide.

PUBG Corporation shared the news recently, while also announcing just how it plans to celebrate the occasion. When PUBG Season 8 goes live in the coming days, the jungles of Sanhok will return, too. The jungle locale will be a bit different this time around, however. A remastered version of the map will see the landscape overgrown, abandoned, and far deadlier than it’s been in the past.

Season 8 rolls out next week for PC via Steam on July 22nd. PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, and Xbox One players can dive into the new content on July 30th. In addition to a remaster of Sanhok, PUBG’s Update 8.1 will feature all of the following content:

  • The Loot Truck: Driving the roads of Sanhok are autonomous cargo transports that offer players a brand-new way to gear up. As these trucks take damage, they will drop some loot and continue on their way. Players persistent enough to destroy the truck will be rewarded with an even bigger cache of weapons and gear for their squad.
  • Confiscated Weapons: Players who take down the Loot Truck will be rewarded with fully customized weapons. For the first time ever in PUBG, players can pick-up weapons that come with pre-installed attachments and unique skins.
  • Improved Jerry Cans: These explosive bundles of joy are making their revised debut. Pour gas on the ground to set a fiery trap or toss the whole thing at an enemy and light it up.
  • New Ranked Season: A new Ranked season begins with Update 8.1. The season brings a much-requested change to scoring, with Ranked Point acquisition now taking team placement into account. Additionally, Vikendi has been added to the Ranked map pool.
  • Survivor Pass: Payback: Accompanying the latest season is the newest Survivor Pass, which gives players a large amount of new skins to earn as they explore the forgotten paradise of Sanhok.

PUBG is currently available to play via PS Now. Earlier this year, console cross-play went live for PS4 and Xbox One.

[Source: PUBG Corporation via Business Wire]