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Free Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Update Will Add Outfits, ‘Remnants,’ and a Stupid-Hard Challenge Mode

A free update long after the release of a major game is never a bad thing, but in the case of a free Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice update coming in October it seems curiously timed to the release of a certain next-generation gaming console. Hmm. Conjecture aside, the free Sekiro update will include a couple of new modes, some fancy new duds for our Wolf friend to run around in, and a new community-based online feature that could potentially help some new players out along the way. The update is expected to hit on October 29 for “PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro; Xbox One X (and other Xbox One devices); and PC via Steam –  or download it on Google Stadia,” according to the release.

What’s new? Two modes will be added to Sekiro in the update, both accessible in-game through the Sculptor’s Idol. Reflections of Strength allows players to initiate a rematch with any boss they’ve already cleared, which should be good practice for the second mode. Gauntlets of Strength will let the most challenge-starved players attempt single-life boss fight gauntlets, meaning that you can let your masochism flow and limit your tries to a singular digit. Should you fall at any point, you’ll have to start that particular Gauntlet over from the beginning. If that sounds like your idea of a good time then, um, best of luck.

For those not looking to hate themselves via new game modes, there’s also the addition of three new outfits coming to the update. Two of the new looks are unlocked through beating the aforementioned Gauntlets (oh, guess you might have to hate yourself via the new game modes after all), while the third is obtained by beating the game once more. Fear not, the skins have zero gameplay effect and are just for show.

Finally, Sekiro’s new Remnants feature may sound familiar to anyone that’s played a FromSoftware game lately. “Remnants are recordings of what a player does in-game for up to 30 seconds at a time and are available for use after the game’s tutorial. After a player records their Remnant – whether it is an epic takedown of an enemy or a flawless demonstration of a tricky movement technique – it can be uploaded along with a written message so that other community members can play it back.” Players helping players is a wonderful thing, especially in a game as demanding as Sekiro.

All of this and more can be yours when the free update goes live in October. Who knows, maybe by then we’ll get a PlayStation 5 cross-gen announcement as well? Here’s hoping.