VR Support Will Evolve the Hitman Experience in Interesting Ways, Including Contextual Nuance and Immersive Stealth

During Sony’s August 2020 State of Play, IO Interactive announced that every entry in its World of Assassination Trilogy will receive PlayStation VR support, including the upcoming Hitman 3. The announcement featured only a sliver of gameplay footage of Hitman 3 in VR. Fortunately, there’s now a bit more information to go on. Fans for the series may be pleased to learn that IO isn’t simply changing Hitman’s perspective with VR support. Some gameplay touches, small though they may be, are being added to the mix as well.

In a developer diary about VR functionality, members of the team hinted at some of the gameplay changes. For instance, if Agent 47 approaches someone from behind with a crowbar in-hand, players can swing the weapon about or even tap their target on the shoulder. The person in question will respond accordingly, before 47 delivers a fatal blow. Actions are contextual based on how the player moves in VR and not simply button presses like the standard game.

VR will also alter stealth, perhaps making it more intense in some situations. One example given concerns 47’s, or the player’s, tendency to hide in tall grass. Without the benefit of a third-person view or pulled back camera, enemies become difficult to spot. If VR players aren’t paying attention, they may find themselves closer to a patrolling enemy than expected.

Unsurprisingly, virtual reality will the change shooting mechanics, too. Apparently, sticking 47’s arm out to blind-fire or shoot around a corner has never been more thrilling, and offers new possibilities for both secretive kills and those situations when stealth goes out the window.

Check out the full video above for more details on how IOI is changing things up for the most immersive Hitman experience yet.

Hitman 3 launches on an unspecified date in January 2021 for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Players who own the previous two entries will have access to all of those missions, in addition to their progress, all from within Hitman 3 and all in VR, at least on the PlayStation platforms.