Gamescom: Opening Night Live Delivers Single-Player Campaign Details For Star Wars: Squadrons

Brand new single-player campaign details for Star Wars: Squadron came out of the gamescom: Opening Night Live stream today. The first hard look at what to expect from the single-player campaign and its story, the trailer reveals characters from Star Wars past, known heroes in younger forms, and even a connection to the recent Star Wars: Rebels television series. After all, who doesn’t love a younger Princess Leia and uh… Wedge Antilles?

The preview leans into the Imperial perspective, showcasing a number of Empire ships and destroyers, as well as Titan Squad and its mission to take out the New Republic superweapon known as the Starhawk. For those keeping track, that would be the giant hub ship that Imperial players will attempt to blow up when playing multiplayer.

In addition to a younger Leia and Wedge, we also get a Star Wars: Rebels reference with Hera Syndulla as a quest giver and focal point. Narrated by Susan Hunka, a narrative producer at EA’s Motive Studios, the preview’s first-person perspective while in-between missions gives a ground-level view of the ship interiors and really attempts to put players into the shoes of whichever side of the galactic battle they wish to take on. Motive has previously stated that the campaign for Squadrons will put players on both sides of the conflict.

It’s interesting to see the idea of Rebel propaganda from the perspective of an Empire agent, something that goes a long way to blur the lines of good and bad and give the Imperial side a bit more pathos than their typical role as the bad, evil guys who need to be blown up. Don’t get me wrong, the space fascists definitely still need to be blown up, but at least you can see things from their perspective before you do so.

Star Wars: Squadrons will release on Oct. 2 at a $39.99. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam, Origin, and the Epic Games Store. It will also be entirely compatible with PlayStation VR and PC VR systems, and has cross-play support across platforms.