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90s Shooter Rise of the Triad Is Getting Remastered for Consoles and PC

3D Realms has announced Rise of the Triad (ROTT) Remastered for consoles and PC. In development at Destructive Creations and Apogee Software, the remaster will be a “brand new source port” of the 1995 first-person shooter.

ROTT Remastered will offer widescreen resolution, a classic mode, mouselook, and revamped multiplayer.

You can check out the announcement below.

For the uninitiated, ROTT puts players in the shoes of an operative belonging to an elite group, High-risk United Nations Taskforce (HUNT), that is responsible for stopping an evil cult leader from killing millions of people. Players are thrown onto a remote island with guns blazing everywhere and no way back. Their only option is to go head-first into battle.

The original release came with the following features:

  • Super huge levels – up to one million sq. feet, and up to 16 stories high!
  • Ten unique, real digitized enemies (actual Apogee employees!)
  • Thirteen hardcore weapons, including magical weapons.
  • Nearly every object can be destroyed – even mark walls with bullet holes!
  • Adjustable violence/gore levels, from none (for children) to “excessive”!
  • Ten unique, digitized enemies in the game, plus four multi-stage bosses!
  • 15 incredible game hazards, like Spinblades, gun bunkers, huge boulders, Firejets, pits, Firechutes, Lavawalls, gas grates, and more.
  • Special effects galore: Fog, lightning with properly delayed thunder, parallaxing skies, real lights that illuminate walls (you can shoot the lights and the room gets darker), ricocheting bullets, wind sounds, and more.

3D realms didn’t specify which consoles ROTT Remastered is being developed for but we’ve been told to expect it for PlayStation.

[Source: Gematsu]