Godfall Has Gone Gold Weeks Ahead of Its Release on PlayStation 5 in November

It seems Godfall is among the first next-gen-only titles to go gold. Essentially, going gold means production on the looter-slasher is complete, a gold master disc has been printed, and its ready to be printed on additional discs. Counterplay Games completed the title well ahead of its forthcoming release, which will fall on PlayStation 5’s launch day this November.

The studio announced the exciting development in a post on Godfall’s official Twitter page. Check out the celebratory message in the tweet linked below:

Gearbox’s publishing arm is publishing Godfall, which was originally unveiled late last year during The Game Awards as the first ever shown PS5 title, even before Sony was heavily talking about its upcoming console. Since then, Counterplay has shown plenty of the third-person title in action. In fact, one of the more recent walkthrough videos offers a deeper look at its combat and weapon classes.

Godfall will release in three different versions–Standard, Deluxe, and Ascended. The game’s Standard Edition, as the name suggests, includes only the base game for the price of $59.99. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition gives players access to the base title and Expansion 1 for $79.99. Finally, the $89.99 Ascended Edition packs in all of the above, along with digital extras like skins and weapon packs. Preordering either version nets customers additional digital bonuses, one of which includes Zer0’s sword from Borderlands.

Godfall is slated to land on the PlayStation 5 when the console launches this fall on November 12th. PC players will also be able to enjoy this particular adventure via the Epic Games Store.

[Source: Godfall on Twitter]