Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital

Battle Fearsome New Yokai in Nioh 2’s Darkness in the Capital Expansion on October 15th

Nioh 2‘s second DLC expansion, Darkness in the Capital, will come to PlayStation 4 on October 15th. In this new batch of content Team Ninja plans to debut a host of new storylines, more formidable Yokai, fresh and challenging boss characters, Soul Cores, new Guardian Spirits, Ninjutsu, skills, and Onmyo Magic. Additionally, players can look forward to extra armor sets and a weapon that will apparently please many a fan of hand-to-hand combat.

A PlayStation Blog post from Creative Director Tom Lee features an overview of the story behind Nioh 2’s Darkness in the Capital expansion. To uncover details regarding the history of the Sohayamaru, the protagonist will travel to Kyoto City, where a “worn-out box” inside of a shrine is discovered. With the Sohayamaru shining in all of its glory, the character will then find themselves transported to the Heian Period “in an ancient version of the capital.”

Heian Palace may translate to “peace and tranquility,” but an endless number of Yokai ravaged this period of ancient Kyoto. A series of fearless heroes stood their ground to quell the enemies, though. Said heroes included a peerless demon slayer and history’s foremost sorcerer.

Nioh 2’s lead character will fight alongside these warriors and their subordinates, all in an effort to beat back the herds of Yokai. In accomplishing this and more, the protagonist is bound to discern the link between the past and the period they call home.

As noted above, Darkness in the Capital counts as Nioh 2’s second expansion, the first being The Tengu’s Disciple. Both are available via the game’s season pass, but players can also purchase them separately.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]