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Abzû Dev’s New Game The Pathless Soars Onto PS4 and PS5 on November 12th

The Pathless from Abzû developer Giant Squid returned to the spotlight a couple of months ago in a State of Play stream. At the time, the studio showed off the stunning open-world and promised a PlayStation 5 release would land sometime soon. Now there’s an actual date attached to the project’s arrival. The Pathless will soar onto both the PS4 and PS5 on November 12th—PlayStation 5’s launch day.

Creative Director Matt Nava announced The Pathless as a PS5 launch title in a PlayStation Blog post. In addition, Nava touted the title’s performance of 60 fps on the PS5, as well as its ability to take advantage of DualSense’s haptic triggers, specifically for arrow shots.

The Pathless will see players assume the role of The Hunter, a skilled archer who must banish the curse of darkness that continues to overtake her world. An eagle companion will offer guidance throughout the adventure, helping The Hunter traverse the mythical land she aims to protect.

This isn’t like any other open-world game, however. Unlike a wide variety of other titles, The Pathless completely abandons the need for a map. Players can instead use the protagonist’s mask to peer into the spirit world and identify notable landmarks. According to Nava, this informed the design of buildings, landmarks, and other points of interest. Each one needed to stand out in order to fully immerse players in the world and provide a sense of clear direction. Soon enough, players can determine for themselves whether or not Giant Squid’s efforts prove successful.

Giant Squid’s The Pathless launches on the PS4 and PS5 next month on November 12th. Curiously, there was no price announced in the PlayStation Blog post, which has led to some speculation that this could be one of the first PS5 games added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection if Sony starts including PS5 games right at the console’s launch. There is currently no evidence to suggest this would be the case, however.

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