Godfall Devs Correct Misinformation About 4K/120fps Performance on PS5, ‘This is Not Correct’

Over the weekend, Japanese media and influencers released videos and articles previewing their hands-on time with the PS5, specifically with a few games like Astro’s Playroom and Godfall. One article stated that they had been playing at a native 4K resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate, which would mean at 120 frames per second. However, it looks like a 4K/120fps performance target isn’t the final number players should look forward to. The Godfall devs have since taken to Twitter to clear up this bit of misinformation about Godfall performance on PS5, stating that work and optimization for performance numbers is still ongoing.

Developer Counterplay Games knows that performance specs are important to many players heading into next-gen, so they’ve promised to let everyone know what the real final performance numbers are “when that work concludes.” The original site has issued a correction regarding the false specs, now saying it was “incorrect.”

While final performance targets may not be forthcoming for PS5 games quite yet, there was a fair amount of new information dropped courtesy of the hands-on PS5 previews Japanese media and influencers received. The fans on the system are reportedly silent—an enormous change from the current PS4 Jet Engine Edition. One thing they weren’t shown in any capacity was the OS or system UI. They also didn’t get a preview of the DualSense Create button and what functions it may have. They were also not allowed to touch the console or get a look at the internal components.

We compiled a list of all the things we still don’t know about the PS5 with just over a month to go until release. Two of the biggest elements on PlayStation fans’ wishlists are the PS5 UI/OS and a console teardown, showing us the system internals and the cooling system that keeps the console so quiet.