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Kinda Funny Insider Thinks the Recent Silent Hill Rumors Are Credible

Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan believes that the recent rumors pertaining to a new Silent Hill game are credible.

We’ve been hearing about a new Silent Hill for a while now, and although a number of reports have been debunked, the rumor shows no sign of dying down.

“I think the rumors are credible and I know that the people who are rumored to be involved in Silent Hill are working on something,” Khan said during a recent Kinda Funny Gamecast (via VG247). “If Sony’s also making a Silent Hill – which we don’t know that they are, those are just rumors – I would assume that Sony’s not part of [Kojima’s project], if they’re making a separate, Silent Hill-like game, but who knows? The industry’s been weirder than that.”

Worth reiterating that Khan is merely speculating, but given his track record, it’s interesting to note that he’s heard the developers involved in Silent Hill are up to something.

Kojima Productions has previously denied working on a Silent Hill project and Konami has separately denied reports of a “soft reboot.” What looked like a tease for a new Silent Hill game from Konami ended up being a Dead by Daylight crossover.

“Easy there internet. We were watching streams of Dead By Daylight and thought we would share the noise and feel of being hunted,” Konami told disappointed fans. “We wont take the tweet down and ‘backpedal,’ we just wanted you to enjoy it.”

Here’s hoping what Khan’s been hearing is true.

[Source: VG247]