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Don’t Expect Ubisoft to Launch Its Avatar Project Prior to April 2022

Much of the release date chatter surrounding Ubisoft’s Avatar game has revolved around when the title won’t hit stores. This latest development update is no different. A recent conference call held by Ubisoft noted the Avatar project will launch sometime after April 2022 but before March 2023.

Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad relayed the news in a brief Twitter post, which also outlined Ubisoft’s release plans for the newly delayed Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine. See Ahmad’s post in the tweet below:

Massive Entertainment, the team behind The Division, leads production on the Avatar project. Prior to this, the most recent update dates back to February of this year, wherein Producer Jesper Karabanov confirmed the crew remained hard at work on developing the game in question. “Yes, [the game is still in production], but I can’t speak about it. I can’t talk about it,” Karabanov told Screen Rant several months ago. When Ubisoft and Massive will be ready to talk shop is anyone’s guess.

Ubisoft unveiled the Avatar title for consoles and PC in early 2017. Details are scarce, but we do know it’s set on Pandora and will feature the character Na’vi in some capacity. Along with the four sequels James Cameron has planned for the film franchise, the game aims to “deepen the Avatar universe in exciting and innovative ways,” according to a statement Ubisoft gave following the announcement.

[Source: Ubisoft via Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]