Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon Strands Players on a Decrepit Space Station Once Again

Amplitude Studios’ rogue-lite tactical action Endless franchise has been going for a while on PC but only Dungeon of the Endless has ever hit PlayStation consoles. That looks set to change with the reveal of Endless Dungeon at The Game Awards, heading to PS4 and PS5 in the future.

With a defunct spaceship and a crew marooned on a decrepit space station, things aren’t looking too goodr. Some of the people in the station have been there for longer than they can remember. Their stories sound far-fetched. You may be able to escape or you may not. What is known is the space station is far from safe.

Players are not going to survive long if they go it alone with a single character. It’s important to team up with other heroes who’ve been stranded on the station too. They come from all corners of the galaxy and have different specialist skills, as well as their own stories. There are explorers, those hunting for hidden treasure, and those escaping the reaches of the law. Up to three heroes can be recruited into a squad for each attempt at reaching the station’s core. If you fail, you can always round up another team and start again. The game can be played solo or it can be played with a couple of friends to make it a proper team experience.

The only thing that seems to work properly on the station is a crystal. It keeps the space station powered. As such, it’s the target for just about every hostile being that wanders past. Not only will players need to find a way off the space station, they’ll need to stop it from imploding too. There will always be a fine balance between protecting that crystal and exploring deeper into the unknown. Each door could hide a moment of peace or, more likely, it will hide a room full of enemies to add to the problem.

Endless Dungeon will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the future.

[Source: Endless Dungeon website]