Maneater DLC Will Get you Back Behind the Jaws of a Shark ‘Soon’

You completed your Platinum trophy for Maneater on PS4 after we highly recommended the game last year, and did it all over again with the game’s PS5 update, complete with a separate Trophy list. Where do you go now? Your ship is now rudderless, with a massive toothy shark-mouth shaped bite out of it. But fret not. You’ll get to step into the fins of the seafaring killing machine again. Tripwire Interactive is currently working on Maneater DLC to bring more content to this incredibly unique experience.

Maneater DLC was confirmed in a Reddit AMA with the development team. When asked about what’s next for the studio—DLC, sequel, or new project—Art Director Sean McBride said “DLC has been confirmed! The team has been working on it for a while now. Hoping to share more information very soon.”

The team didn’t go into many more details, however, in an answer about the comedic script being written specifically for Chris Parnell, who did the documentary-like narration for Maneater, they said they can neither confirm nor deny Parnell’s involvement with the DLC.

It’s unknown what form this DLC may take, if it will be an entire new biome/area in a full expansion, or smaller additions like new evolutions and biotech for your shark.

The rest of the AMA had a series of interesting details about Maneater, including

  • Promises of a ray tracing update: “Ray Tracing is still on its way! Our team is working super hard to implement some stellar ray tracing features and we’ll hopefully have more info for when to expect the incoming patch very soon!”
  • Cut bosses: “The concept team came up with various ideas that were eventually cut for time. My favorites was a cybernetic dolphin from the “Derpa corporation” and I believe we had some early ideas for a octopus that was cut for time reasons.”
  • Why you are a bullshark: “Without going to deeply into the backstory of ManEater and Tripwire, when we started development in house the decision was already made for our protagonist to be a Bullshark. The reasons were that the Bullshark can live in fresh and salt waters. We definitely agreed with those reasons and she remained a Bullshark!”
  • Maneater Battle Royale: “We joked about it internally but no. :)”

Maneater is currently free on PlayStation Plus for PS5. If you already own the game on PS4, the PS5 update is free. While saves and trophies don’t carry over to the next-gen version, it allows players to stack the Trophy lists and get a second Platinum for the game. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Tripwire’s social media channels for any hints or announcements about the Maneater DLC, which should be coming “soon.”

[Via: PushSquare]