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Report: Battlefield 6 Will Feature a New Level of Destruction and Will Include a Free-to-Play Element

Known Battlefield insider Tom Henderson, who’s been spot-on with his recent leaks, has published a video spilling new information about the series’ next entry.

Tentatively called Battlefield 6, the game will reportedly feature completely destructible buildings, which Henderson describes as “Levolution on steroids.” According to him, players will be able to destroy every structure except for those that are part of mission objectives.

The report further claims that the squad system will return with four members in the standard Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon classes. There will also be platoons called Units, which can include 3-4 squads with a “Unit Leader” for easy management of large teams.

In addition to the above, expect Battle Passes with 8-10 week seasons, cross-play, and some kind of a free-to-play element. On cross-play, Henderson believes that if Battlefield 6 releases on last-gen consoles, it’ll come with cross-gen play. As far as the free-to-play element is concerned, his guess is that it’ll be a battle royale mode akin to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Interestingly, publisher Electronic Arts was asked in an earnings call this week if it plans to add a free-to-play element to the upcoming Battlefield, in response to which CEO Andrew Wilson said that he doesn’t have anything to share about that at this time. We won’t be surprised if Henderson is right about this one too.

Battlefield 6 will be officially unveiled sometime in the Spring and is scheduled for release in the fall. EA has promised to take “full advantage” of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

[Source: TheLongSensation (YouTube) via Reddit]